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Sport Fishing Feedback

“I realized afterwards that the work that was done by our guide was completed so smoothly that I never even noticed anything other than my fish. Now that is a professional guide that can work around you, ensuring that your experience is the best one it can be. No other charter has ever come close to the fantastic time I had with Blackfeather Charters. Thanks so much for the great memories!”
-Tim, Grand Prairie, AB

Prince Rupert Fish & Wildlife Information

Northwest Pacific Salmon:

Superb salmon fishing is found throughout coastal BC. There are five species swimming around waiting to be enticed by the angler: Chinook, Pink, Coho, Chum, and Sockeye. To ensure there will be salmon for you and future generations to catch, conservation measures have been introduced to protect stocks.

The Department of Fisheries and Oceans has forecasted a strong return for the 2011 Skeena Chinook Salmon run. Coho and Pink are also expected to have solid returns.

Giant Coho salmon infront of blackfeather charter vessel

Northern Pacific Halibut:

Also known as flounder, these extraordinary bottom fish usually range in waters with depth from 20 to 90 meters (70 to 300 ft). They reach almost unbelievable weights of up to 180 kg (499 lbs). The average halibut caught by recreational anglers weighs 9 to 18 kg (10 to 40 lbs).

Pacific halibut can be found along the continental shelf in the North Pacific and Bering Sea. They have flat, diamond-shaped bodies and are able to migrate long distances. Most adult fish tend to remain on the same grounds year after year, making only seasonal migration from the more shallow feeding grounds in summer to deeper spawning grounds in winter.

Huge pacific halibut caught aboard blackfeather charters

Bottom Fish:

Bottom fish include rockfish, lingcod and halibut. Yellow eye is the largest of the rockfish. Locals call them “Red Snappers” and they weigh up to 11 kg (25 lbs). Lingcod (largest of the greenling family) average less than 10 kg (22 lbs), but can grow up to 5 feet in length. Like halibut, large lingcod are females. All bottom fish are excellent table fare.

Northern BC, Canada Whales:

The vast waters adjacent to the City of Prince Rupert lie on the major feeding and migration routes of several species of whales. Depending on the timing of your trip, you can expect to see orca, humpback, grey, or minke whales, during your whale watching experience through Chatham Sound’s marine wonderland. We can whisk you away on a safe, comfortable excursion to the areas where these magnificent creatures abound while taking precautions not to alter the natural behavior of the marine mammals.

Killer whales at play photo

Although we cannot guarantee sightings on 100% of our tours, however with our experienced skippers and our network on both the water and with spotters in the air, we will provide the highest degree of success of viewing whales on our tours.

The best timing for viewing orcas are May to early July. Humpbacks are best viewed July through October. The North Coast is recognized as one of the best places to see large concentrations of humpback, minke and grey whales and these species, along with vast numbers of Porpoises can be spotted at any time during the season.

Coastal Grizzly Bears:

The Khutzeymateen Grizzly Bear Sanctuary was established in 1994 through a joint agreement between the Provincial Government and the Tsimshian nation to provide a natural and safe environment for coastal grizzly bears. Tours to this rugged valley are conducted from the safety of the boat, and do not include shore excursions.

During the months of May, June and July, grizzly bears will be on the shoreline feeding on the spring grasses. There are approximately 50 grizzly bears within the Park, some weighing as much as 850 lbs (400 kg). This 44 000 hectare park is surrounded by 2100 meter mountains and is also home to eagles, black bears, mountain goats, wolves, harbour seals, otters, beaver, and a variety of other wildlife.

This tour offers a great opportunity to photograph and witness these magnificent creatures, while ensuring their ecosystem is not impacted by humans.

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