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Client Comment

“ Many thanks for your guiding expertise on a fun, memorable and productive two day fishing experience. On the drive back to Calgary we reflected many times on your work ethic, cheerful demeanor, first rate equipment and ability to think like a fish. Your "just five more minutes" decision was a wise call as the salmon started to bite moments later. Our heartiest thanks for a super two day fishing adventure with you. The huge octopus and big tasty crabs were a plus to our wonderful catch of fighting salmon and halibut (vacuum packed in our freezers now). warmest wishes for continued success. We look forward to fishing with you again.”
- Sincerely, Jim Wong

Blackfeather Fishing Charters

Two huge halibut caught with blackfeather charters two fishermen holding up their amazing catch with blackfeather

As BC salmon head south from northern feeding grounds, Stewart, Prince Rupert and the Queen Charlotte Islands are some of the first places they pass. The salmon are big; the halibut are bigger.

Blackfeather Fishing Charters will have everything ready for your charter before you arrive, so you can be confident aboard our vessel and have a great day out on the water. Your guide will explain a little about the Prince Rupert region and some of the wildlife that you will spot on your fishing charter. Once you arrive at a successful salmon fishing hole, your guide will snap into action gearing up all the equipment needed to catch some amazing spring and coho salmon. Trolling around you will enjoy some of the peaceful sounds of the ocean, the natural landscape of this region, and some local wildlife like seals, eagles, porpoises, and maybe even the odd humpback whale. You and your group will be in the middle of some very fast paced salmon fishing, where depending on the season you can catch coho spring, and pink salmon, lingcod, halibut, and other bottom fish.

Common day fishing with blackfeather fishing charters. An example of the wildlife you see aboard Blackfeather Fishing Charters.

Once you have been fished out of spring and coho salmon, you will have the choice to move into some deeper waters to jig for some halibut. Jigging for halibut is a different style of fishing. Once the halibut get the scent of your bait, they start nibbling at the bait, then they hit, and you get the opportunity to reel in a good sized halibut. Reeling these big fish in is no easy feat, but once they are at the surface and into the boat you can truly appreciate these massive fish. After halibut fishing, you will set out for Prince Rupert on your way back, your guide will explain a little more about the area and the waters. If you are wondering the best methods for cooking your catch, on the way back is a great time to ask him for his favorite spring and coho salmon, halibut and lingcod recipes.

Back at the dock, your guide will clean your entire catch and then would be an excellent time for photo opportunities with your group; your guide will gladly operate your camera if a group photo is requested. Send us your photos and we will post them on our website gallery. For more information on the fish we catch please visit our wildlife page.

Fishing Charter Rates

Full Day (10 hours) $1150 + tax
Half Day (6 hours) $900 + tax
Harbour tour $300 + tax
* Maximum 4 people
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Supplied Gear

Fishing Gear

At Blackfeather Fishing Charters we take fishing seriously. All of our boating and fishing equipment are top of the line.

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