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Sport Fishing Feedback

“Blackfeather offers a professional service that caters to the clients and produces incredible fishing opportunities. Any of my clients that are looking to expand their BC experience to include fishing will be referred to Blackfeather Charters. I know that they will provide exceptional service that I can confidently refer to my most distinguished and discerning clients.”
-Steve, Fraser Lake, BC

Seasonal Information

Spring through to the fall is the busiest period for Blackfeather Charters.

Sport fishing of salmon follows the natural cycle of this creature as they return to the rivers in which they were born, now to spawn and reproduce four years later. Millions of salmon swim through the local waters on their way to the three main waterways in BC - the Nass, Skeena and Fraser Rivers. Of the five species of salmon, we fish mostly Chinook (Spring or King) salmon and Coho (Silver) salmon. Their season overlaps in July, with the Chinook arriving as early as May and the Coho fishing still strong into September.

Halibut make their way from the deeper waters in the winter to their shallower summer grounds. Winter months may find them in waters well over 300 fathoms (or 1800 feet, 600 meters) and in waters from 60 to 300 feet (20 -100 meters) during the summer months. Rockfish fishing is usually consistent all year around.

Springtime finds the bears coming out from their winter hibernation, and they will make their way to south facing slopes and open shorelines to graze on the fresh shoots and grasses that first appear. Midsummer months, the bears will dive into the alpine berries and the fall brings them to the rivers to gorge themselves on the returning salmon that flood the streams.

Whales often cruise through the waters of Chatham Sound. Most predictable are the humpback whales that arrive to feed on the schools of herring and needlefish. They will often remain in the same areas for days at a time, and viewings are a daily occurrence. Orcas will also follow the salmon into the sheltered waters, and sightings of these elegant and powerful pods are plentiful during the summer months