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Thanks for a great day Jeff
We really enjoyed it and hope to do it again soon. We are also enjoying the fish. So far we have had rock fish, ling, halibut and cheeks. We will get to the salmon soon. Great picture by the way. I have a couple of pictures to send but will send them separately.
Thanks again for a super day.”
-Bill and Poppy Peacock

Hi Jeff,
just wanted to say thanks again from Rainer, for the good time had by all. Rainer gave one of your pamphlets to a friend visiting from Penticton (the very next day), and he wants to put something together for next year. His big questions is, what is the best time of year to fish for halibut? This is what they want the most.
Also, do you still have any time available then?”

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for taking Larry, Patrick, Greg, and myself fishing. Here are some pictures I thought you might want to see. Please forward the pictures you have when you get a chance. Thanks, again and let us know when we can book for next year.”

Hi Jeff,
Thanks for such a great 3 days. The boys really enjoyed themselves and the action was fast and furious and we're all trying to figure out how we're going to eat 32 salmon and 8 Halibut. We'll definitely be back next year and hopefully are ocean fishing abilities will have improved. Off to the Cabin tonight so i'll be keeping my eyes open for some large Bucks as they'll start to show themselves in the next few weeks and as we discussed it would be great if you could make it down for a few days hunting in September. Thanks again for a great trip and say hi to the family.”

Sorry for taking so long to get back to you, but as soon as I got back in Perth Western Australia at the beginning of last week, I took off to Darwin with work. You said you wouldn't mind a couple of the photos that you took of the big Spring salmon that we caught and of our catch. If you can give me the email address I will send them off, happy to send a testimonial as well if you would like as I can honestly say it was the most exciting, interesting and successful two days fishing I have ever had and I have been fishing for many years. Apart from the great fishing, watching an eagle swimming it's way to the beach and having a seal pinch a salmon straight off my line and eating it while I still had him hooked was pretty amazing! Told a number of people about the trip both in Canada, USA and here In Western Australia and they can't believe I went half way around the world and almost to Alaska to catch fish.”
Thanks again

Hello Jeff,
thank you very much for your service, you are a very good cooperation, I hope in the future to organize some fishing trip there with you, I'm very happy to hear that from you and from Marco. he called me two days ago and he told me that he was very happy day with you on your charter and with you like very good friend.”
Thanks again,
bet regards,

Hi Jeff,
We want to thank you again for the great day on the water with you. The girls and Es and myself will never forget this trip. We had an awesome time. Please let us know when you know the dates your available next year. We are hoping you'll put up with us again. If you're up this way hunting be sure to look me up and I'll try to help you out. THANKS AGAIN !!!”
-Rusty and the Fisher Lady's
“Oh ya. The girls have named you Captain Blackfeather.”

Hello Jeff-
Just a quick note to say “thanks” for the great fishing trip back on August 10th. We really enjoyed it. We also appreciated the Halibut you dropped off at the campground. I’ve been smoking it on a cedar plank per the recipe on your Blackfeather board. Great recipe!! I’m hooked on it! I attached a couple of photos from our day fishing. I hope the fishing is good. ”

I hope this message is finding you in good spirits and health. Hopefully you had an awesome fishing season... I know we had an incredible time with you as our guide. We have passed on your name to everyone who even mentioned the possibility of ever going salmon fishing. Your hard work in making this the best fishing experience of our lives did not go unnoticed. Especially in making sure that I got that last Coho on board. Our conversations during the downtime was very much enjoyed as well. Nick thinks of your version of "Poker Face" every time we hear it and it brings on a wave of reminiscing the awesome time we had! We cannot thank you enough for making our fishing experience so amazing... so much so that we are definitely wanting to book with you next year. Also...Just wondering if it would be possible to get a copy of the picture you took of the three of us holding up the monsters from day 2. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care”
-Janice and Nick

Dear Jeff:
Many thanks for your guiding expertise on a fun, memorable and productive two day fishing experience. On the drive back to Calgary we reflected many times on your work ethic, cheerful demeanor, first rate equipment and ability to think like a fish. Your "just five more minutes" decision was a wise call as the salmon started to bite moments later. Our heartiest thanks for a super two day fishing adventure with you. The huge octopus and big tasty crabs were a plus to our wonderful catch of fighting salmon and halibut (vacuum packed in our freezers now). warmest wishes for continued success. We look forward to fishing with you again.”
-Sincerely, Jim Wong Calgary, AB

“This is just to thank you personally for the great fishing experience that Blackfeather Charters provided this summer. Hooking into a 42 pound Spring salmon was something my arms will never forget. What a great time! The cooler full of Coho will be the highlight of many backyard BBQ’s here in Vancouver ‾ thanks for the awesome recipes, too. The meals are beyond description. You looked after our needs so well both on the boat, and by offering some great cooking advice, that we will definitely be booking with you again next year.”
-Stewart, Vancouver, BC

“As the owner of a northern BC Hunting Outfitter operation for the past 15 years, I know what clients expect of the company and of their guides. I am confident to say that fishing this year with Blackfeather Charters was a very rewarding and exciting experience. Blackfeather offers a professional service that caters to the clients and produces incredible fishing opportunities. Any of my clients that are looking to expand their BC experience to include fishing will be referred to Blackfeather Charters. I know that they will provide exceptional service that I can confidently refer to my most distinguished and discerning clients.”
-Steve, Fraser Lake, BC

“It took us over an hour to land the 220 pound halibut. It was a monster, so big that we could see it coming up from the bottom on the sounder! It was so heavy that Ronny and I had to take turns bringing it up - thank God for those fighting belts. It made the 56 and 65 pounders look small in comparison. We limited out on salmon and halibut, and went home very happy. Thanks for the trip of a lifetime; we’ll see you again next year.”
-Marshall, Kamloops, BC

“I can’t describe the thoughts going through my mind on seeing a 50 pound Ling cod roll from under the boat attached to my hook. Their heads are enormous and full of teeth. I know they are also very tasty, so this highlight catch is something I will be enjoying for quite a while. Thanks Blackfeather Charters for a terrific day that I will never forget”
-Dennis, Houston, TX

“Thanks Blackfeather for a great time on the water. The fishing was unbelievable and the scenery was second to none. I am envious that you get to live in such a rich and beautiful part of the world.”
-James, Oakland, CA

“First of all, I want to thank you for such a great fishing trip. The work you did and results you provided went far beyond our expectations. I am very satisfied! I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs a professional fishing charter in BC!”
-Carol and Dean, Northvale, NJ

“Catching a 51 pound Spring salmon is the experience of a lifetime. I am very impressed with the size and fight of these incredible fish. I am equally impressed with the professional and efficient manner in which you were able to maneuver the boat, clear the lines and prep the boat to in order to land this massive fish. I didn’t even realize the work that you were doing for my benefit until we had the fish netted and in the boat. To me, that is the best advertising for your business! Showing me how well you do your job speaks louder than anyone telling me how well they can do their job. Blackfeather Charters really knows their stuff. My memories about catching this great fish are all about hearing the line tear off the reel, watching the rod bend under the side of the boat and seeing that salmon jump through the air before taking yet another long run of line. I realized afterwards that the work that was done by our guide was completed so smoothly that I never even noticed anything other than my fish. Now that is a professional guide that can work around you, ensuring that your experience is the best one it can be. No other charter has ever come close to the fantastic time I had with Blackfeather Charters. Thanks so much for the great memories!”
-Tim, Grand Prairie, AB

Blackfeather Charters gave us the time of our lives. We caught enough coho, springs and halibut to fill our coolers. We saw sea lions and even had Humpback whales jumping out of the water while we were running to different fishing spots. The boat is beautiful and we felt very safe running around the waters with the skipper, which says a lot for a couple of “land-lovers”, right? Thanks again, our family will be back for sure!”
-Barry and Julie, Kelowna, BC

“Our family was lucky enough to enjoy the day aboard the Black Feather Charter Vessel. Black Feather was quick to accommodate our family’s needs as we brought aboard our 5 month old child. Once our guide showed us the ropes on how to set the hook with the down riggers, we were off in a frenzy of the most exciting salmon fishing I have ever experienced. There was numerous times where we nailed a “double header” with a fish on each rod. After catching our fill of coho and spring salmon, we headed off to jig for halibut. Overall our guide knew the waters very well, and his years of experience showed every step of the way. This was an awesome fishing trip”

charter fishing in british columbia fishing for salmon and halibut in Prince Rupert

- Shannen, Aaron, and Keaton Bosco