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February 23, 2009 "The first charter of the season is only days away. This charter will shuttle some important people to the villages a little south from Prince Rupert where they have business to conduct. Fortunately for us, that means there will be some down time for the boat while we are waiting for their meetings to finish. This will provide a great opportunity to fish some new spots that I have been drooling over this winter. Finally we are coming out of the winter freeze, and back into serious fishing!"

Fish Facts

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Professional Guided Salmon and Halibut Fishing Charter - Prince Rupert BC

Blackfeather Fishing Charters invites you to join us for the sport fishing charter of a lifetime. Our professional guides will take you to some of the most productive ocean fishing waters in the world. We take great pride in our ability to safely connect our clients and saltwater fish. Prince Rupert, BC is world renowned for its King and Coho salmon landings and for the biggest Pacific halibut. In Prince Rupert, sport fishing is a way of life. We immerse our guests in amazing fishing opportunities that they will never forget. Fishing in this region is a logical choice for anglers looking to catch the biggest salmon as we are located between two of the three largest salmon producing rivers in British Columbia. Local waters consistently produce massive halibut and ling cod, as well as other rockfish as they swim in the rich waters around Chatham Sound and the Hecate Strait. The areas are big and the waters are deep, so having a qualified and experienced guide is essential to ensure a successful Prince Rupert fishing charter trip. Take a tour through our site. You’ll discover how Blackfeather Prince Rupert Fishing Charters can offer the perfect guided fishing adventure.

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About our Prince Rupert Fishing Charters

220 lb Giant Pacific Halibut. Known to grow as large as 600lbs, caught near Prince Rupert Arriving at the dock early, you will find your guide waiting with fresh coffee, engines running, and all your gear ready to start your day on the water. Your professional salt water fishing guide will take you out of the sheltered harbour and into a pristine wilderness world filled with fishing hotspots. As you venture out into Chatham Sound, humpback whales are commonly spotted doing some fishing of their own and your captain will point out any sightings. Once you arrive at your first fishing destination, your guide will jump into action gearing up for your first catch. His level of involvement will vary depending on your salt water fishing experience, and we can equally cater to the most novice or skilled clients. You will enjoy the comforts of trolling around on our new Boston Whaler 255 Conquest, complete with new equipment, and it usually only takes minutes from setup for your rod to dip. As you grab your rod from the holder and watch 100 feet of line peel off your reel, it hits you like a truck that salmon fishing is a very exciting sport. Reeling in your first catch, you have just started your sport fishing experience with Blackfeather Prince Rupert Fishing Charters.

After trying your hand at some world class salmon fishing, your guide will take you out for more incredible halibut, ling cod or red snapper fishing. During your fishing charter in Prince Rupert, we will point out local wildlife along with species information which may include whales, orcas, seals, sea lions and birds. At the end of your sport fishing charter your guide will clean and bag your entire catch and you will be able to snap some great photos of you and your group holding up your biggest catch in front of some jealous onlookers. We are very confident you and your group will be so pleased with our salmon and halibut fishing charter during your stay in Prince Rupert, you will want to book with Blackfeather Fishing Charters again and again. So make your way to Prince Rupert for some of the best salt water fishing of your life. Here, you will be treated with respect and professionalism on our one-of-a-kind Prince Rupert fishing charter. For more information on the types of fish we catch, please visit our wildlife information page.

About Blackfeather Prince Rupert Fishing Charters

Captain Fred Hutchings

Captain Fred Hutchings is a long time resident of Prince Rupert and a retired firefighter. His youth was spent working on commercial trollers, gaining invaluable experience fishing salmon and learning the hotspots of the local waters. He has been a fishing guide for 20 years, operating his own company, and has recently come on board with Blackfeather to work with us. A knowledgeable and light hearted guide, Fred also holds the following certificates.

Fred's Qualifications

Captain John Trew

John Trew arrived in Prince Rupert in 1960 and has long fished local waters with his father, brother and friends. He worked his way through university in Prince Rupertís fish plants and then worked as a woodshop teacher for 34 years. John served 3 years with the ambulance service as a paramedic. Now into his seventh season as an energetic fishing guide he is happy to share his local knowledge in a friendly and helpful manner.

John's Qualifications

Jeff Beckwith Fishing Guide/Manager

Jeff Beckwith was raised in Ottawa Ontario before he came to the north. As an avid outdoorsman, when Jeff came to Prince Rupert he was very excited about the proximity of spectacular hiking, camping, salt water fishing or hunting. Jeff came to British Columbia and worked as a fishermen when he met Sandy in 1998. He immediately fell in love with the North Coast and decided to make Prince Rupert his permanent home. Jeff attended the Alberta Fire Training School, and graduated at the top of his class. For the past 11 years Jeff has held a position on the Prince Rupert Fire Department, as a full time professional fire fighter. He also graduated with honours in 2008 from Lakeland College with a Bachelor Degree of Applied Business Emergency Services. Jeff has years of experience fishing in the area with various commercial fishing companies and knows where to find the fish.

Jeff’s Qualifications

Sandy Beckwith Owner

As a member of the Metlakatla First Nation with Tsimshian Ancestry, Sandy Beckwith was born and raised on the north coast of British Columbia and spent much of her youth on the water. Sandy is very familiar with the north coast waters and many fine sport fishing spots in and around the Prince Rupert area. She has gained valuable experience as a small boat operator while working on fishery Projects with the Department of Fisheries and Oceans. The Beckwith family welcomes you, your friends and family aboard the Blackfeather for an exciting day of amazing scenery and extraordinary sport fishing.

Black Feather Fishing Charter for Salmon